Day: 10 October 2021

STEP_UP scenarios for politician well received by stakeholders

Almost one year ago, the STEP_UP game project started (Stop epidemic growth through learning, Erasmus+ KA2 Action, 2020-2023). Coordinator is SHINE 2Europe and as partner AFEdemy is responsible for the production of the Manual on social and policy interventions. The project team will develop an online serious game in which the learner can follow a chronological path from early detection to exit strategies from pandemics. The learner can also choose between playing different roles in the game: to step in the shoes of a prime minister, volunteer, nurse in a long term care institution, manager of a primary care organisation or being an epidemiological or public health expert. AFEdemy developed the scenario of Mrs. Britta Johnson. Vice prime minister and minister of Health on a fictive island who is confronted with the detection of a strange virus in Europe. Because the prime minister is absent for a longer period, she needs to take the decision to isolate the island and to take measures regarding the population and visitors of the island. AFEdemy discussed the scenarios with a (former) politician and several policy officers from municipalities and ministries. All experts found the scenarios really good and added some comments to improve the scenarios. The most important lesson AFEdemy learned is that it is very important to have a dedicated team of experts around you and to focus on the communication. Communication must be transparent and providing true realistic messages to the public and avoid fake news. The main target group of the game is social and health workers, volunteers and supporting workers at municipalities….Continue Reading STEP_UP scenarios for politician well received by stakeholders

Croatia workshops with Public Health and epidemiologists

For the purposes of the development of the STEP_UP game and characters, CIPH is creating a character and scenes in the field of public health. The goal was to identify stakeholders within this sector and bring their expertise and real life experience together through a constructive workshop. During the workshop the character was presented along with potential scenes and feedback was gained through exercises evaluating the character, scenes, impacts on the spread of the disease and the impacts on society. Gaining knowledge and feedback from relevant stakeholders was of great benefit to development of the game. CIPH character in the STEP_UP game is a public health professional/epidemiologist. Our online workshops were held at the end of July and we chose to hold a group workshop so as to create an atmosphere that would allow for different points of view and ideas to be shared and allow for critical feedback from a variety of experts who have been frontline workers during the pandemic. Aids such as Google Jamboard were used to make the workshop as interactive as possible online. All participants, four in total were employed as physicians at public health institutes both at the national and local level. All participants were very enthusiastic about participating and contributing to the development of the educational game being developed by the STEP_UP team. Participants were productive with feedback and engaged throughout the duration of the workshop. Many useful insights were gained as well as suggestions for what improvements and could be made to help improve the understanding and level of complexity of the game regarding the public health sector. Points which we were told to keep in mind while finalising our scenes and characters were to keep in mind the dynamics of the pandemic that will greatly influence what measures are in place and what impacts they will have on societies and individuals….Continue Reading Croatia workshops with Public Health and epidemiologists

Interviews to health care managers help design the characters

In the frame of the activities related to the educational game development, WISE ANGLE has been tasked with consulting key stakeholders so as to feed the participatory co-creation process aimed at designing the characters, the real-life situations they will face in the playing scenarios and the measures they will have to put in place to help stop the virus pandemic and contain its impacts. In particular, the character that WISE ANGLE designed and presented is a healthcare manager, namely the director of a primary care center. Due to the continued limitations to travels and the impossibility to identify a suitable date for all the participants, WISE ANGLE has elicited individual online interviews as consultation method. All the interviewees are healthcare professionals and health research experts from three countries (Italy, Spain and Portugal). The interviews were insightful and provided useful hints for the refinement of the character and the measures as well as the design of the game in general. All participants were acquainted with the potential benefits of gamification techniques in learning processes and confident that STEP_UP will deliver a highly useful tool for training professionals and volunteers in the health and social care sector as well as a playful way for citizens to learn. Some of the most relevant observations were related to the use of more personal narratives to describe the challenges the character is facing in her daily life and work duties and generate empathy in the player. The interviewees also made concrete examples of situations and events the character shall be confronted with and suggested several “mini-games” to be embedded in the game flow….Continue Reading Interviews to health care managers help design the characters