STEP_UP releases 5 thematic reports on COVID-19 measures

Potential measures to stop the spreading of the COVID-19 virus have been explored and categorized by the STEP_UP consortium. The results have been published in five partner reports: measures for early detection, prevention, healthcare and social care, and policy making. The fifth report consists of recommendations on communication. The reports are available on the STEP_UP website.  

Each STEP_UP partner covered a different domain suitable for the target groups of the project and investigated measures that can be taken within to reduce the impact of a pandemic on health and society: AFEdemy from the Netherlands dealt with early detection measures, while SHINE from Portugal focused on prevention measures. ISIS from Germany worked on policy measures, CIPH from Croatia on healthcare and social care measures and WISE from Spain on communication recommendations.  

In addition to identified measures, the thematic reports also describe possible challenges in a pandemic and provide recommendations based on already known good practices. In the further course of the project, all the information collected in the various reports will be compiled into a compendium for adult learners and informal educational agents and new contents added as the pandemic situation evolves. 

The overall goal of the STEP_UP project is to create an interactive training tool to identify possible responses to pandemic outbreaks and to assess their impact on society and the spread of disease. STEP_UP means “Stop Epidemic Growth Through Learning”. The target groups of the project include community leaders, informal caregivers and volunteers, social support professionals to transfer the knowledge to where it can be applied. In addition to the mentioned manual, this is also done in the form of an interactive gaming tool and workshops.

 You can find the reports here.