Year: 2021

OPEN CALL to the COVID19 Virtual library of STEP_UP

The international project STEP_UP – Stop Epidemic Growth Through Learning just launched a Virtual Library that aggregates more than 200 measures, implemented and documented in the context of the COVID19 pandemic prevention and containment. Want to have your work represented in this Virtual Library? Do you know of measures or good practices that should be included? An international call is open to submit measures and best practices that will be integrated into this online repository. STEP_UP, funded by Erasmus+, is coordinated by SHINE 2Europe, a Portuguese SME and implemented with 4 partners from different European countries: AFEdemy, age-friendly environments academy (Netherlands), ISIS-Sozialforschung (Germany), Croatian Institute of Public Health (Hrvatski zavod za javno zdravstvo – HZJZ) (Croatia) and Wise Angle (Spain), to develop a training tool for social and community stakeholders, through gamification. Detailed project information here….Continue Reading OPEN CALL to the COVID19 Virtual library of STEP_UP

Lecture on “Ethics and Digital Health”

On the 17 June, Carina Dantas, SHINE’s CEO, gave a lecture on “Ethics and Digital Health” to the students of the Universidade do Porto, based on the classical philosophical concept of ethics as the striving for the best lifestyle, both in private and in public. We discussed from #SHAFE and NET4Age-Friendly to the ethical excellence in the AAL Programme and the need of an Ethics framework for the ICT profession;Approached concepts such as health and wellbeing, co-creation, integration of care and empathic design;Projects such as #STEP_UP, #BIG, #DESIRE, #SDD and the conclusions of the study on the impact of the COVID19 in European CSOs we delivered to the Diversity Europe Group – EESC (European Economic and Social Committee);And policy work such as the #euageingand the Council conclusions on mainstreaming ageing in all policies by the #EU2021PT The search for ethical excellence is long, multidisciplinary and an endless, but super interesting task!…Continue Reading Lecture on “Ethics and Digital Health”

Interactions Symposium of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

On March 31, Carina Dantas participated in the Interactions Symposium of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, where she discussed, together with other speakers, the challenges of aging in the digital age to an audience of more than 200 participants. She presented NET4Age-Friendly e SHAFE and SHINE 2Europe Erasmus projects such as STEP_UP, BIG, SDD and DESIRE. The full session is on Youtube….Continue Reading Interactions Symposium of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

STEP_UP – Kick-off meeting of the new game that will teach you how to stop a pandemic

The official kick-off meeting of the new international project STEP_UP: Stop Epidemic Growth Through Learning, which addresses strategies to slow pandemic growth through learning was held on the 25 March 2021. The project began in December 2020 and is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program. The international coordinator is SHINE 2Europe, a Portuguese SME and its CEO, Carina Dantas, revealed that “it is a pride to have Portugal leading European initiatives that can bring value, particularly at the present time, and develop innovative tools for our most pressing social challenges”. Bringing together 5 partners (SHINE 2Europe, AFEdemy, ISIS, CIPH and Wise Angle), from different European countries, STEP_UP will develop a training tool for social workers and community stakeholders, using gamification. The objective of STEP_UP is to develop an educational game, which can also be used as a recreational game, in which players will act so that a pandemic does not spread. A list of measures will be presented and the player needs to learn and understand them in order to choose those that would help to stop the virus from spreading without harming the economy or causing social problems. The game will also help people understand government measures and know how to distinguish true facts from myths and fake news. In addition to the game and the complete set of training tools, a manual on social and policy interventions will also be produced, which aims to provide targeted guidance to the target group on early detection, preventive measures, health interventions and social support, policy measures. and communication. The manual will be completed with real-life oriented user stories, good practices and lessons learned….Continue Reading STEP_UP – Kick-off meeting of the new game that will teach you how to stop a pandemic

Our website is launched

Our STEP_UP webpage is already on at! It is only the departing ground for our works, soon enough you will be able to see our manual and training materials. For now, take a look at the core goals and who are the partners involved. Follow us on social media with the #stepupgame….Continue Reading Our website is launched

STEP_UP is approved!

We are so happy to have seen our STEP_UP project approved and ready to be initiated! Until the end of February 2023, STEP_UP will develop a training tool for social care and community stakeholders, where they are introduced to the impact of behaviours in the spread of a pandemic/emergency situation and trained, through gaming strategies, to prevent and cope….Continue Reading STEP_UP is approved!