Facial expressions really matter

In May 2022, AFEdemy performed interviews with 2 female and 2 male policy makers from municipalities and ministries about the STEP_UP character Britta Johnson. The interviews took place online; the scenes of the game were presented to the interviewees. In general, the interviewees were very interested in the game and found the scenes very attractive. The policy makers suggested to change the facial expression of Britta Johnson. They value her facial expression as a little shy or sad and not quite convincingly to fiercely lead the island out of the crisis. This was a very eye opening comment: facial expressions really matter to convince the player of the right direction of the game. Also it was advised to change the position of the hands before the belly into hands next to the body. The designer is asked to propose new facial expressions.

Other comments regarded the complexity of the presented minigame, the explanation of the scores and the colours to indicate the evolution of the virus. With the further building of the game, these issues will be solved.