Month: January 2023

STEP_UP Multiplier Event in Spain organised by Wise Angle

On January 25, 2023 WISE ANGLE developed its own multiplier event as part of the STEP_UP dissemination activities envisioned in the Erasmus+ Framework. The STEP_UP toolkit (including the online game, manual of social and policy measures, alongside the trainer manual) constitutes the main otuput of this project in the frame of easily accessible, non-formal/informal adult education. The organisation exploited networking opportunities to get in touch with another EU-funded project (Science4Pandemics, under the EIT Health programme) also developing an online browser game on the theme of health emergency crises and pandemic management. However, their experience was rather focused at young people and the development of data collection processes for citizen science participation. Although the two projects had different scopes (low-skilled professionals in adult education vis-à-vis young people in schools), it was an excellent opportunity to explore common gamification strategies and co-design approaches for developing new interactive tools with society aimed at increasing preparation towards future health crises. The mutliplier was developed in the format of an Online Webinar and was attended by stakeholders coming from Southern and Eastern Europe (e.g. Portugal, Spain, Italy and Romania). The first part of the session was devoted to formal presentation of results, whilst the second part involved a practical demonstration of the STEP_UP game and a roundtable interview between the moderator (Francesco Camonita from WISE) and the two representatives for the project. These were Dr. Begonya Nafrià from the Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute and Mrs. Carina Dantas as main coordinator of the STEP_UP project. Altogether, this provided a final chance to reflect together on commonalities and differences across the two games while discussing further use of these tools beyond the project-domains….Continue Reading STEP_UP Multiplier Event in Spain organised by Wise Angle

STEP_UP Multiplier Event in the Netherlands

AFEdemy, partner in the Erasmus+ project STEP_UP | Stop epidemic growth through learning, organised a Multiplier Event on 11 January 2023. 12 participants took part in the event, including 5 board members of student association A.S.L.V. Quintus from Leiden, students from the study association Leidsche Flesch and 2 invited guests. The plenary session was given by Bart, with Dieuwertje and Sandra helping out. After Bart’s welcome speech, the STEP_UP Video was shown and then it was explained what we expected participants to do. The online game was shown and tested while discussing. Based on tips and tops the participants wrote on post-it, the game was evaluated. Workshop participants were very positive about the game’s graphics. They especially liked the animations, illustrations and colouring. They also liked the choice of characters and the fact that you could play the game from different people’s perspectives. Participants named several areas for improvement such as short texts, improvements in translations and in how to motivate participants to play the whole game. Finally, the game was considered a good combination of playful and informative, and participants enjoyed the interlude of mini-games. At the end of the Event, we discussed the Handbook, the Toolkit for Professionals and the training methodology with the participants….Continue Reading STEP_UP Multiplier Event in the Netherlands