• Our website is launched
    Our STEP_UP webpage is already on at https://stepupgame.eu/! It is only the departing ground for our works, soon enough you will be able to see our manual and training materials. For now, take a look at the core goals and who are the partners involved. Follow us on social media with the #stepupgame….Continue Reading Our website is launched
  • First Coordination meeting
    Unfortunately the COVID pandemic did not allow us to meet in person, but as we wait for future opportunities we are meeting online and progressing with our work. Let’s hope for some field visits soon!…Continue Reading First Coordination meeting
  • STEP_UP is approved!
    We are so happy to have seen our STEP_UP project approved and ready to be initiated! Until the end of February 2023, STEP_UP will develop a training tool for social care and community stakeholders, where they are introduced to the impact of behaviours in the spread of a pandemic/emergency situation and trained, through gaming strategies,…Continue Reading STEP_UP is approved!

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